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If you network with business owners or real estate investors, or would like to get started in this field, consider becoming one of our associates. As an associate, you will be able to offer all of the business loan programs that are described on this website. You will share in the broker fees paid out on each successful funding.

As an Associate, you will have a personalized version of this site with no startup or ongoing fees. We will provide you with a totally free way to generate leads, along with another method that costs as little as $5 to place an ad. Once you have a lead, we will work with your prospect to determine which funding program is best suited to their needs, and then follow through to complete the funding process. After this, you get paid. We have some lending programs where the business owner’s credit score is not a factor in getting approved.

You do not need a broker license to become a business loan agent. There is no cost to join our program. Also, as an Associate, you will become an automatic Affiliate for Tier One Business Services, letting you earn commissions on almost two dozen business building and business credit building services. You will find that you can both help any loan declines get approved in the future while earning a commission on the services that they may need to be able to qualify for funding only using their business EIN and not their Social Security Number.

We do have a couple of optional marketing materials that will allow you to develop a referral network. You can purchase your own personalized copy of our Business Credit Toolkit ebook that you can distribute as you wish, both directly online and to your loan prospects. You can also get your personalized copy of our Business Funding Analyzer that you can distribute to both prospects and business advisors who can bring you prospects. Both of these are excellent lead-building tools!

To learn more, contact us and we will set up a one-on-one discussion. I will show you how you can get paid as much as $1,000 on a $25,000 funding deal.

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