Mediocre Credit Loans

If you do not have great credit and do not qualify for a revenue-based loan or inventory-based loan, we may be able to help you get some cash for your business. These loans are in reality personal loans, so you do not need to have an established business, like and LLC, nor need an EIN number. We work with lenders who can offer conventional term loans at interest rates that are based on your personal credit. If your credit score is low, then your interest rate will be higher. 

The way this program works is that we will discuss your credit situation, and look at the reasons why your score is low. We will then work to get soft pre-approvals (no score impact) with up to four lenders. If any lender is willing to provide a rate quote, we will enter into an agreement with you where we will continue to assist with the loan process in exchange for a funding fee of 4%, paid only if you get approved and accept the loan. If you do not, there is no fee for the pre-approval process.

You can use this money to help get your business started , and then we can work with you to help build your business credit. We also have some programs that can help you boost your personal credit. If you are not in immediate need of the loan money, then we may be able to use some of the techniques in our Business Credit Toolkit to boost your personal credit score, making your loan approval much easier, and at a lower interest rate.

Contact your funding associate to learn more.

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